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The Great Commission Magazine (GCM) is published twice a year by MCCC. The purpose is to share our vision, edify the body of Christ and share what the Lord is doing through our ministries. Our regular columns include the following:


Touches on the rapid change of world trends and how it relates to the Christian faith. For instance, how should Christians view the death penalty? What should be our response when our conscience conflicts with the Bible? 

How does our faith play an important role in other areas of our lives? Our working life, for example? Faith@Work helps to encourage Christians to be a good testimony in the marketplace even in the midst of challenges and difficulties.

We know that the family makes up the basic unit of a society, therefore we hope topics such as a Christian perspective on marriage, family life and parenting will help Christians in their family lives.

We also like to introduce our staff members and disciples and testify of God's work in their lives--how God has guided them to be who they are today.



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A Picture of God's Faithful Love
God's Multifaceted Faithfulness
Experiencing the Faithfulness of God




GCM subscription is free. The printing cost and postage (RM2.80 per issue) are paid for through the offerings of Christians.
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