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In Malaysia, there are more than 9.4 million netizens. And with the government's focus on ICT, the boundary of our wired world is bursting at the seams. Oops, the word boundary should not even exist in our e-dictionary :-) Not only are more people getting on the Net each day, many of them spend more time online than offline. People you may never meet on the street are available online for hours at a time, that is if we care to meet them on the Net.

You want to share your faith, but you find it difficult to do so in the "traditional way". On the other hand, you are a real IT-savvy person. Then, this ministry is for you. Whether you are an IT professional, a student, or someone who is just interested in using the Net as a ministry platform, you are welcome to be a part of this ministry. You can join our team as a full-time staff, volunteer, short-term, or on a part-time basis. The sole requirement is that you have a heart to reach out to the lonely and hurting souls in cyberspace. And of course, you must have a computer with Internet access, and you must be a netizen yourself. :-)

Four Spiritual Laws in flash

Who is Jesus Really


If we ignore the impact of the Net
on people's lives,
we risk becoming irrelevant
in today's world.

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