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In 1976, Campus Crusade for Christ began the "Family Ministry" to provide pre-marriage seminars to help its engaged staff members. Because of the success in helping "pre-marrieds," married staff members began asking for resources. Then community leaders and pastors found out about the seminars and said it was exactly what couples needed - the blueprints on how to build strong homes. Family Ministry, now called FamilyLife, opened the FamilyLife Marriage Conference to the public in 1978. This conference is built upon timeless principles which provide proven solutions for marital success.


Since then, thousands of couples have attended FamilyLife Conferences in the US and around the world. And with multiple resources available like the HomeBuilders Couples Series, the FamilyLife Parenting Conference, and the Building Your Mate's Self-Esteem Alumni Conference, FamilyLife offers the tools needed to build strong homes. FamilyLife will continue to create new resources for couples and families.

FamilyLife Ministries have reached more than 60 countries over the world, teaching people God's blueprints for the family in their languages and the context of their culture.

FamilyLife Malaysia officially began in 1998 though its marriage conference ministries began in the early 80's. FamilyLife is dedicated to bringing biblical principles to families all over so that they might apply it in their lives and then pass it down from one generation to the next.





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Mission Statement

To serve as a catalyst in motivating and equipping families and individuals nationwide to win one home at a time for Jesus Christ, and be used by Him in a Family Reformation.



One Home at a Time


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