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As the day for the High School Conference approached, anxiety began to heat up among the teachers especially in the rural areas of Sabah. A number of their students were keen to join, but the conference fees were a worrisome concern for them. "Don't worry about the fees. We'll work it out together. Just give me your names," Onnia, an intern and young teacher-to-be, encouraged her students. They tried selling snacks in the hostel to raise funds, but the profit they earned on the first day was only enough to cover the fees for one student.

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Daniel's Group

God Knows Better


When I started the disciple-making ministry in a private university in Kuala Lumpur a few months ago, I needed a group of committed Christians to be part of the movement in the campus. As soon as they committed themselves to make disciples in their campus, I would journey alongside them to mentor and to train them. So I worked on a few names of the students whom I knew were Christians and one of them was Samuel, and in the end, I met with everyone on the list but Samuel.

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In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus challenges us to be salt and light--to influence the world. Find out more how you can be an influencer for Christ-- a growing believer who lives in the power of the Holy Spirit and actively seeks to live out God's calling as salt and light everywhere.





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