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More than 40 years later...

When Dr Bill Bright, the founder and first president of Campus Crusade for Christ, and his wife Vonette received the vision from God in 1951, it was a vision of reaching the whole world for Christ. But God told him to strategically start with campus students, the future leaders. The movement started with the motto, "Win the campus today, win the world tomorrow".


Today, the movement that started with a couple has grown into a staff force of 27,000 full-time staff and 226,000 trained volunteers serving in 190 countries.


MCCC was founded by David Hock Tey and his wife Mary in 1968. Today, it has more than 90 staff members serving in various ministries in Malaysia and overseas.




Staff Opportunities

With over 6 billion people on Earth, the need and opportunities to present the gospel have never been greater. Fifty thousand people die every day, many without the opportunity to experience Christ's love and forgiveness. As you think about where you will spend the next few years of your life, consider investing them in reaching college students and working professionals for Christ.


God may be calling you to join us to help fulfill the Great Commission. To find out about staff opportunities with Campus Crusade, contact our Human Resources department.




Vacation Bible School Vacation Bible School
Campus life is both fun and fulfilling Campus life is both fun and fulfilling.
Praying for the marketplace Praying for the marketplace.
Marriage Conference Spending a memorable weekend at a Marriage Conference.
JESUS Film reaches people of all ages JESUS film reaches people of all ages.



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