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A generation of influencers for Christ


We believe that God desires to raise up a group of people in this generation who will actively exercise their faith in their daily lives, and are willing to be sent into every corner of the world to be His witnesses. (Acts 1:8)


When we sought God on how He would use an instrument such as Malaysia Campus Crusade for Christ to serve His Church, we became sure of His leading to raise up a generation of Influencers for Christ (IfCs), and to mobilize them to help change society.


What are the qualities of an Influencer for Christ? Let us examine these qualities from 4 aspects:


Life Purpose

The world in general measures significance, success and life purpose by one's attainment of the 5 Cs which stand for Cash, Credit Card, Career, Condominium and Car, not forgetting power and position! If we allow our life purpose to become synonymous with that of the world's, we will not be able to witness effectively for the Lord. Sadly, many Christians today are not only unable to influence the world, but are being influenced by the world because they lack the right purpose in life. IfCs believe God has a wonderful plan and purpose for each and every one of His children. Only when we accept Godís purpose and desire its fulfilment in our own lives, will we be able to live life abundantly, and influence the people around us.


Life Ministry

Many Christians tend to think that the work of the ministry belongs only to "full-timers" like pastors and that "fulltime service" is limited to church service only. But IfCs believe that every Christian is a full-time Christian minister in whichever field God has placed him. Apart from church involvement, his main mission or harvest field is the people God has placed around him, such as colleagues, family members, relatives, friends, neighbours and others he meets in the course of his daily life. IfCs are clear of Godís call to them to be faithful shepherds in their mission field, feeding His sheep and reaching out to the lost sheep.



It is estimated that one out of every three persons in the world is a Christian. In Malaysia, it is estimated that one out of every ten persons is a Christian. Yet, why is it that we are not seeing many Christians making an impact in the world and our country today? One of the main reasons for this is because many Christians suffer from spiritual schizophrenia. Many of us allow our faith to become compartmentalised in our lives. Our active worship of God is confined to certain days of the week or at certain physical locations or even among a certain category of people in our lives. Our Sundays are detached from our Mondays to Saturdays. As a result, Christians are unable to become salt and light whether at home or at work. There are occasions we hear non-Christians says: "What is so great about being a Christian? If Christians are anything like him, whatís the use of believing in Christ?"


IfCs want to actively integrate their faith into their personal lives and at work, to have the right lifestyle, so that, "your light will shine forth before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise Your Father in heaven." (Matthew 5:17)


Life Journey

Many Christians may think that only Christians with a halo above their heads can become Influencers for Christ. Perhaps this wrong thinking has caused many Christians to feel they are not good enough, and thus hinders them from trying to influence others for Christ.


IfCs believe that this is a life journey, a journey of faith (Galatians 3:11). Influencers for Christ are ordinary people like you and I. Occasionally we make mistakes and fail. Although we may trip and fall, with Godís grace and strength we pick ourselves up and move on in faith.  We never give up. In order to help fulfil the Lordís Great Commission to change the world, let us determine to walk the road of transformation together, to encourage and urge one another on, and be our brotherís keeper along our life journey of faith.


An i-generation for the nations

We believe God will raise IfCs with the above-mentioned qualities and perspectives to send them into every segment and level of society to influence others for Christ. God will cause this i-generation to influence and bring about positive changes to the whole society that it may experience Godís abundant love. Would you consider being an Influencer for Christ and to ask God to establish in your life the 4 essential qualities of an IfC?


Here, we have shared with you the qualities of an IfC. However, it is God alone who could show you all that need to be done and the attitudes needed as an IfC. Hence, I do encourage you to pray daily, "Lord, help me to learn from You the kind of attitude You want me to have.  What do You want me to do today? How do You want me to bless the people around me?" Then obey Godís leading.




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